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Long Distance

Moving from one house to the next is difficult even if your new home is just across the street. When you have to travel a considerable distance to reach your new place, the process can be even more stressful. St. Augustine Moving & Storage is the premier long-distance moving company in St. Augustine, FL, and Ponte Vedra, FL. Let us help you during your long-distance move.

Any moving company you choose needs to be reliable and experienced, but a long-distance moving company needs to be even more so. St. Augustine Moving & Storage has 20 years of experience to rely on and an exemplary reputation you can trust. If you're in Ponte Vedra or St. Augustine, FL, and planning a longdistance move, you can count on us.

Our Services

Whether you're moving to a city a few hundred miles away or to one that's in a completely different state, St. Augustine Moving & Storage can help. Our moving services include:

We handle both big and small moves, and we'll take you and your things from St. Augustine to anywhere in the contiguous 48 states.

Our Commitment to You

We understand how important it is to you that your long-distance move goes smoothly. That's why we guarantee that the same team that packs, wraps, and loads your items at point A will be the same team that unpacks and sets up things at point B. Our crews are with you every step of the way, and they treat your things with the care and respect they deserve.

We also promise no hidden fees or extra charges. In fact, we believe you should be able to plan for the cost of your move, which is why we provide a free personalized quote service. Call us at 904-513-1661 to get started on your quote, or fill out our online quote form today.