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Wrapping and Crating

When it comes to your local or long distance move, the proper wrapping and crating of your furniture, such as a piano requires the most thorough care to insure it will arrive at your new location safely. You can trust St. Augustine Moving & Storage with even your most prized possessions and belongings. We have over 20 years experience in moving, packing, wrapping and crating even the most expensive and fragile items.

Proper wrapping and crating of your items is one of the most important aspects of choosing a moving company. While other moving companies might just shove your sofa sleeper and oddly shaped gym equipment on a truck without being adequately protected, St. Augustine Moving & Storage prides itself on taking the proper care and safety for all of your items, no matter how large or small. Our entire crew is properly trained and equipped to provide the most professional service.


Piano Moving - For more than 20 we have provided a professional and highly trusted service for moving pianos. Our entire moving crew has been specially trained and have experience in moving even the most challenging piano even when it requires craning and rigging.

Assembly and Disassembly - Inevitably, every household has an odd piece or two, from pool tables to armoires to custom cabinetry, that will need to be disassembled for transport and then reassembled in your home. Our moving team consists of trained professionals to insure this is done safely and properly.

Glass & Mirrors - When it comes to crating and wrapping glass and mirrors for moving, there is no such thing as being too careful. Our trained staff is always prepared to make sure your glass is properly crated to arrive safely at your new home or business

Custom Crating Solutions
Flat Screen TVs
Marble Tabletops

You can trust St. Augustine Moving & Storage to handle each personal piece that needs to be crated for proper and safe transport to your new home.

Just need help with wrapping and crating your items? St. Augustine Moving & Storage can provide you with a professional crew for that too. Call us at 904-513-1661